Tricity is obsessed with fitness and healthy consumption more than ever right now or perhaps the idea of it. Whatever might be the case, thankfully gym, workouts and diets are finally a part of our daily vocab and we couldn’t be happier. Chandi people are making some serious alterations in their routine and depicting health and healthy choices by the day because who wouldn’t like Ranveer’s washboard abs and Deepika’s hot-bod. Plus a fun exercise session makes unwinding a lot more easier after a shit*y day at work; all the grunting and lifting helps you know!

That being said, exercise is nothing if not followed with a balanced diet because like every fitness blog ever said, its 70% diet and 20% workout and well the remaining 10 % for dragging yourself into the gym every day,*pun intended*

Reality check: With endless eateries sprouting up daily across Tricity, it’s almost a Herculean task to find healthy food if you decide to order in! With just a handful of options, all we’ve been associating healthy food is with a blob of tasteless crap and overpriced salads! Hence, one always ends up either giving in to the cheesy deliciousness or prepping some quick eggs and veggies at home.

But finally RepDiet is here to rescue all you guys from such routinely troubles. Lo and behold, because your agonising days are finally over! With its uniquely crafted menu and drool worthy yet healthful options, you will no longer be compromising on your chosen calorie count or your taste buds. What a relief right?  From healthy Steaks to Moroccan delicacies, from unique introductions like the Chicken Involtini and Rollantini to Butterless Chicken and low fat whole wheat Pasta, the lip smacking menu changes almost every week to break boredom clichés of healthy food. Because who can survive on salads!

While talking about his latest venture, the passionate foodie and health conscious Harkirat Brara, founder of Repdiet highlights his aim behind starting this one of a kind startup. His love for mess free and delicious food without thinking too much on what to order, made him realise how badly Tricity needed the same, but none of the delivery outlets offer such options. The ones that do, compromise either on portion sizes, quality or taste. Seeing people around him follow miserable diet plans like KETO, Atkins etc, he realised why even reach a point where one restricts nutrition intake. Daily intake of nutritious and delicious food is all you need to keep those extra inches at bay and Repdiet has got that covered.

He feels that too much choice further add to confusion related to eating healthy. “Reading never-ending saga of a menu bugs me the most and I end up not ordering at all!” he laughs. Thus, the crisp and curated menu of Repdiet! Brara ensures the meals are cooked in the most hygienic environment (since he holds a subscription too!!) and packed in biodegradable meal boxes with eco-friendly cutlery. The lunch and dinner full-meal boxes can be ordered through the website (they offer lucrative discounts and subscriptions here!) and other leading food delivery services.

What’s more: one can take a full subscription of the ever changing menu to cut down both on the cost and calories! The delivery has predefined slots and dates you can choose from and ensure you eat on a fixed time schedule daily. This option lets you plan two months of your RepDiet lunch and dinner full-meal boxes in advance. Well now you don’t have an excuse! With RepBoost feature you can upgrade your account to Silver, Gold and Platinum automatically to reap higher benefits and cash-back, every time you order. Starting as low as INR 215/-, this is the most tasty, healthy, hygienic and sumptuous full-meal box you’ll ever try and get addicted to! In his own words: Eat Healthy, Every day.