Why Chandigarh does not need a Co-Working Space! Let’s face it!!!! Every millennial at one point in his/her life has frolicked with the idea of owning their own business especially in a city like Chandigarh; here we all like to be our bosses. Earning big bucks, doing what you love minus the feeling of being stuck in a rut with a 9-5 job in a stuffy cubicle. Add a couple of beers to the idea and I am sure a combination of nostalgia and déjà vu is going to hit all the hostellers out there. That’s the dream no?

While in the majority of cases it’s just the booze talking, the minorities are the ones that do make it to the other side. Once up and running, start-ups and any business for that matter can potentially burn a deep-deep hole in one’s pocket, that’s where terms like collaborative working and co-working in all conscience come in pretty handy.

P.S- It’s the new ‘IT’ thing anyway! So Buckle up!

Now, setting the record straight, since people tend to construct a major mix-up between the two words, we thought of defining it for you! If we go by present scenario in Chandigarh, a Co-working space is simply subletting a well-built office premises to the individual businesses. All you need is money to shell! Considering the scenario Chandigarh is seeing, buying or renting a space and further subletting it to maybe freelancers or companies to use for an open-ended period of time is the new trend. All you got to do is mention co-working in your company’s profile and you are good to go.  This set-up while being an ideal alternative for freelancers working from home also saves them some major bucks.

 On the other hand collaborative working space has a wider vision and is basically meant for people from different fields, who complement each other’s business to work together. The principal idea is sharing resources, knowledge, ideas, and skill-sets plus making most of each other’s abilities.  

The Problematic Area!!!

The problem arises when alleged co-working spaces seem to lack the essence of collaborations. That appears to be one of the reasons why proprietors here seem to have such a hostile attitude towards the concept, perhaps the lack of knowledge or maybe sheer ignorance. Chandigarhians are in, what seems to be a creative rut and a collaborative workspace culture is its way out of it.

Also, the fact that the market in Chandigarh isn’t as big of a market as, say, Delhi or Mumbai, it is the need of the hour and the only way to surge business. Now, Chandi-vasi might prefer their business be their business and none of anybody else’s business but what needs to be understood is that alliances ensure not only the best of ‘jugadu’ people coming together from different fields and industries but also this is the working scene of the future. It holds great power in terms of strategic efficiency and embracing the originality, collaborative workspaces carry along while keeping an open mind will help small businesses build a united and strong voice.

And honestly brilliant minds from all the industries coming together and working on different project. How amazing would that be?

That is our ticket to greatness!