Even though Apps like Jugnoo and Ola are tracking the driver’s phones now, AUTO-RICKSHAWS still seem to have caught the fancy of thieves in the city as these vehicles continued to be the most stolen in the last one year. The auto-rickshaws are stolen primarily because these vehicles can be easily sold in other states. The vehicles are also used by some gangs to commit crimes in the city, according to the police. In the last 14 months, out of the total 1,120 vehicle thefts, 678 were autorickshaws from various parts of the city, which is more than 66 % of the total vehicle thefts in as many months. The number of vehicles stolen in the UT is many times more than that of two other cities in the Tricity.

Apps like Jugnoo and Ola do not have inside-vehicle GPS systems, it raises security threats to beyond just an autorickshaw being stolen. In the case of any mischief by the driver, if the driver decides, it is impossible to track him or the vehicle.

“As long as my phone is on, the company knows everything about me,” said a driver on duty, requesting anonymity. “If I am standing somewhere, even if it is for a minute, the company would know that. I stop the company from tracking me when I switch off the phone.”

Some Cab services like Meru have GPS in their cars to track the location and to ensure the driver and their vehicle’s location.