Cause-and-effect is one of the most fundamental rules of this world. No matter what we do, it results in something to happen. Some times, though, there is a good chance you won’t believe what some actions lead to, resulting in your mind being completely blown by them, and in case you’re attentive enough to put it up on the Internet, them going viral. Here are 7 and a-half instances you totally won’t believe what happened next!

7.humour1aThis woman got pregnant, and there’s no chance you could guess what’s coming.


6.humour2We put some uncooked popcorn in the microwave, and if you think you know the end result of this, you’re in for a surprise.



humour4Dark clouds descended over our house, and you’re out of your mind if you’re even hoping to predict what happened next.



humour8We just kicked this football, and really, this is a textbook setting for the unexpected to occur.
humour9Seriously, where did that even come from!

3. humour6

This woman just applied some lipstick, and what happens next will, like, blow your mind.

humour6Seriously, where did that even come from!

2. humour10Here is a man who just slipped on a banana peel, and we can’t even begin to imagine what’ll happen to him!


Good lord! That’s harsh.

1.humour12This guy pressed the power button of his phone, and…seriously, you try to foresee the aftermath! Go on, I’d love to see you fall.




We consulted a local astrologer about our future, and we’ll keep you posted on what happened next!