Cops across the world are infamous for being jerks, so much so that ‘fuck the police’ is almost an internet meme. Just to be clear, not because they’re the keepers of the law and we hate law, but because they’re the ones who’re the most likely to abuse it. Gunduz Agayev, an illustrator, uses satire to take the idea of hating the police forward. His illustrations are aimed at cops throughout the world by poking fun at what they’re known to behave like in their respective countries. And honestly, we don’t think anybody could have done it any better.

cop1In Iran

cop2In Australia

cop3In Netherlands

cop4In Russia

cop5In London

cop6In China

cop7In India

cop9In Arab Emirates

cop10In Azerbaijan 

cop11In North Korea

cop12In Brazil 

cop13In USA

cop14In USSR

cop15In Sudan

cop16In Sweden

ImageCredits: Gündüz Ağayev